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DarkFox Market

Link status – OK, Working 24 June 2024
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Delivery Worldwide, USA, UK, EU.

Dark fox marketplace is an innovative new dark web marketplace. It includes the latest security features combined with a modern frontend. It is a wallet-based marketplace with multi-sigma support. Dark fox is the only darknet marketplace that currently has an auto-replacement credit card store.

Darkfox market

What is sold in the darkfox market

Darkfox is primarily a credit card store. The market has probably the largest range of stolen credit cards with stvc codes for online purchases. All cards on darkfox have additional information such as dob, ssn. Vendors selling cards make a $500 deposit or more, so if the card is not working you can always appeal. Today on darkfox you can find credit cards from all over the world including USA and Europe, the prices vary from $5 to $100. The most popular credit card vendors on darkfox are: cheapboost, trebol, UniCC.
Check ratings and reviews from other customers carefully before you make a purchase.

Another popular category of goods, like on most darknet markets, is psychotropic substances. Most sellers ship to the U.S. or around the world.

Registration and depositing money into the account.

Registration on darkfox market is not much different from other darknet stores. You have to enter the captcha and register a new account. The captcha is sane)
At the moment we see only one cryptocurrency available for deposit is BTC. Maybe in the future darkfox will add Monero. For example, BTC and XMR cryptocurrencies are available on the Tor2Door market.

Basic Facts about DarkFox

Year founded2021
Cryptocurrencies acceptedBTC
Total Product/Service listingsabout 40000
Listing CategoriesCards, Drugs, Guides, Counterfeit Items
Total Vendorsabout 500

How to access Dark Fox

DarkFox Links

V3 Onion Link (2022)http://darkf52fgy3lwpk3ugngzwp74iw45ib7br2aguww22jgsl54dvojoyid.onion/
V2 Onion Link (Depreciated)http://9dryu4zrz2ra2at2.onion/
Urls (mirrors) historyDarkFox links reddit archive
Clearnet Linkmissing

Some DarkFox and vendors reviews

On the Internet there are many reviews of darkfox market, we can conclude that today it is the most advanced market with the best escrow system. If there are negative reviews online, they are mostly about the vendors and not about the market in general.
Below are some of the reviews.

Sadly Disappointed

Hey i have to say after transferring $289 USD into my account, i was ready to order and proceed with a purchase, i placed an order for an amount of ($147.00 (DrValma) told me dark fox has been subjected to ddos and i have to finalize my order and mark delivered before he can proceed to shipping and packaging… Order 1 DrValma never received, he hasnt been in touch or updated me about anything, i placed order April 10 2022 and it’s april 24 and i still havent recived anything the order Auto finalized 3 days before the auto finalize date…..

(Order 2 of 2 ) vendor name Mobile
My order was a total of $140.00

Interestingly asked me to finalize early and so i did, i haven’t received either of my orders, just selective scamming, they make money scamming various customers, but yet have fake item feedback etc etc….. Last year i placed an order from Drmeds an i received it so thats why im just flustered, if your not gonna follow through…. Don’t waste our time, i mean im in pain with a broken leg and have such hardship, currently unemployed and on the verge of becoming homeless, i truly wish i receive a package via mail here soon. Idk what the problem is, untill further notice dont use darkfox, the admin or site owner is the one who has various vendor accounts with mod status so they can fluctuate their sales, feedback and reviews….

If my order is delivered in the near future i will update this review other than that….

Let down

Name the darkfox vendors who scammed you

I’ve had no problem with deposit but the absent admin just encourages the vendors to scam. Even vendors with good reputation on other markets has scammed on Darkfox because it is easy. I am naming those who scammed me.
HappyShopOrigi – he is a reputable vendor and sells on many marketplace. However he has a listing titled: “Paypal Cash $2500” where he mentioned that it is for a paypal transfer and the funds are completely safe etc. After placing an order, he askede me to complete the order then he will send the cash. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because of his reputation. After I clicked on delivered he messaged me about VPN and socks and then just ignored all my messages and never send anything or refund. I can’t believe a reputable vendor will risk his reputation for a mere $84. But I guess since it is so easy to scam on DF, he couldn’t resist.
Fastplugs – I ordered a clone card from him for $170 and this dude went through great length to scam. After placing the order, he asked me to finalize the deal but I hesitated and he said I don’t have to and few hours later said he has shipped it and provided tracking info on a site called freightcharteramerica.com. I tracked the parcel for several days but it only had one date and said out for delivery. Since it’s an international delivery, you would at least expect it to leave one country for the next. When I called the number on the site, it doesn’t work. Emails return undelivered. I guess it a site to scam people. After 5 days, the vendor contacted me on wickr to say that my package is stuck in my country and that I need to send him $140 to his BTC account so he can insure secure it. He said as soon as I pay him the extra $140, the package will be delievered. I called custom in my country and no package was there with the details I provided. I have since disputed this but not sure if I will ever get refunded. So beware of this scammer. He will go through great length to gain your trust only to waste your time and only scam at the end.

legit darkfox vendor with product proofs

After I have been scam several times I have to brows through vendors profile until i met a certain Vendor called HIGHWAY.Something tells me to try and order from him.I tried and I got my order shipped.I’ve been buying from him.
How access DarkFox market guide and link

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10 thoughts on “DarkFox Market

  1. I was searching for a new darknet market to shop at and I stumbled upon darkfox. I’ve been there for about a year now and love it. The customer service is exceptional, shipping is quick, prices are low, and the best part: they accept BTC!

  2. **BUYER BEWARE BUYER BEWARE** DrValma is a huge scammer all his products and reviews are fake I feLl into his trap and he scammed me out of $500USD and my friend out of 400 USD if you are reading this please do not buy anything from DrValma or your money will be 100% gone. Learn from my experience. Vendors won’t ship until order is finialized with 600+ completed orders and 400 5 star reviews I trusted I wouldn’t be scammed I was WRONG. DarkFox is a trash market with piss poor customer support the escrow and dispute system means nothing since there is no staff there is people with disputes from early 2021 that are still not solved! FIND A NEW MARKET and NEVER USE DRVALMA

  3. The darkfox has many scam listings, some of them could be legitimate vendors, but I have lost over 400 USD trying to unsuccessfully buy one ounce of weed on this market. The last person I tried to buy from was trippydrug, for the Sour Diesel 1oz listing (use one of their mirrors and add /product/9d3ae56b-506c-4348-81da-dd6f03f607d5 for the listing). The support of this site are not real: you’ll never talk to them. I’m not gonna list out all of the listings I got scammed on, just the last one, because my negative feedback was not left for some reason, the other listings I didn’t get to leave feedback because of their shitty ramrod feedback system. Go ahead and dump your money into this market and hope for the best, but I got what I needed from Nemesis. I got 2 ounces of weed from nemesis no problem. FUCK DarkFox.

  4. Is anyone a seller or maybe knows someone on darkfox market who sells clones? Or any market that is proven I know uni.cc used to deal in clones but unfortunately it was closed in 2020

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