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Status - Closed(Exit scam) 27 May 2024
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Delivery Worldwide,Australia, USA, UK, EU.

Cypher Market is a convenient place where any user can make an exchange or store money without using a wallet. Wallets are not just unnecessary there: standard deposit options are simply not available. The convenience of Cypher Market lies in the absence of the need to make a deposit: the client can pay for any purchases with money from their wallet without spending additional funds. To visit Cypher Market, interested users should just follow the link above.

How To Work With Cypher Market? 

All the functionality is concentrated on the official page, so in order to start working with Cypher Market, a user needs to go there. 

One of the most popular functions common in such darknet markets is escrow. It’s responsible for the funds’ security: until the transaction is finally completed, all money is stored in the account, which significantly reduces the risk of fraud. If the supplier is a trusted person on the platform, they have the right to complete the transfer ahead of time.

For the convenience of being on the service, search fields were invented: all customers can find exactly what they need. The user interface is simple and orderly — even a beginner can feel confident on the Cypher Market! 

What Is Sold on Cypher Market?

Cypher Market offers customers a wide range of products from a variety of categories 

  • Materials for studying (manuals, theoretical books, or guides)
  • Fakes
  • Counterfeit Items
  • Security and hosting related products
  • Software and virus applications(digital products)
  • Prohibited substances (drugs)

As you can see from the list, the site is unique, and almost everything is sold there.

There are some restrictions on the platform: the administration prohibits the use of weapons and explosives and doesn’t allow any services related to murder investigations. Pornography of any kind is also banned. 

The entire portal is divided into six sections for easy search, which were described above. The most common section is medicine.

How To Register on the Platform?

Of all the services of the darknet, Cypher Market is the most modest, but at the moment, there are more than 3,000 different products. Most of the assortment are medicine, manuals, or software that are available in other markets. Although the turnover is less than that of similar competitors, the goods and services presented on this site are actively filling the markets of the USA, Australia, and the European Union.

In addition to the wide assortment and the availability of interesting products, the platform attracts users with convenient registration. This process only requires entering a username and password. 

The site is characterized by high Internet security, the ease of captchas offered, and the fast loading speed of the web page. Cypher Market also has a feature — clients are always up to date with new products on the portal. This becomes known from the “Recent orders” section.

The site puts forward a requirement for sellers to pledge the supplier, but people with extensive experience and more than 200 transactions in other markets are exempt from this.

How To Use the Site Safely: Tips and Rules

Obviously, this platform is part of the darknet, and it’s not safe to be on it. That’s why the user shouldn’t be negligent about the web pages viewed and purchases made on the site. 

If you don’t want to get into serious trouble or be deceived, use the following tips:

  1. Use the Tor browser when working, and always disable JavaScript. If you’re worried about privacy, set the safe level in the settings (the screen icon next to the address bar). 
  2. Download a VPN to your device. It’s important to install a program without any registration requirements. 
  3. Separate your usual site browsing from working on the darknet.
  4. For more serious protection, use special operating systems that allow you to work on the site completely confidentially (Tails or Whonix, for example).
  5. Follow links only from trusted sources. 
  6. Despite a fairly simple authentication system, you shouldn’t enter your personal data in any field (username, password).
  7. After completing the registration, go to the settings and use the PGP public key to generate your own private key. It’ll encrypt any of your messages and other personal information.
  8. Keep all the account login data only in a single copy and don’t show it to anyone. This is important information, and third parties can use it for their own purposes.
  9. Before you place an order, check the reviews about it. 

Remember that all problems are solvable. Please contact the support service if you have any suspicions or problems on a platform. The staff will solve your question within 24 hours.

What Payment Methods Does the System Support?

It all depends on the individual seller. Some of them accept payment exclusively in cryptocurrency — most often, it’s Bitcoin or Monero. Payments aren’t accepted in bulk: each order is paid individually. 

Before making a transaction, you don’t need to replenish your wallet, which is the norm for most markets. The products are paid only when the order is completed. After that, the market stores the customer’s order and waits for payment. 

Pay for order.

Rules for Being on the Market 

In order for the Cypher Market not to bring you any trouble, you need to follow the stated rules of the community:

  1. Any mention of the market outside of it is prohibited. Communication with buyers or sellers and all orders should take place only on Cypher Market. All other ways of communication are under the absolute ban of the administration.
  2. You cannot sell certain products on the portal. These include any weapons, explosives, certain medications, and anything that can harm a person. 
  3. On the platform, clients are prohibited from using any methods of influencing other people. Don’t threaten or blackmail users!
  4. Any fraud is a violation of the rules, which will entail consequences on the part of the platform. And it doesn’t matter in what form it’s done. Even through feedback, it can be determined that the user has deceived other people or committed prohibited frauds.
  5. Clients are prohibited from requesting information without permission.

Since, in this case, it’s important for customers not only to find the right product and buy it but also to do it safely, all darknet stores use the same serious methods of privacy and security in their work. 

Most likely, to work with the darknet, you’ll need a second computer or another device. Even with maximum privacy, try to surf the web pages carefully: don’t commit rash actions that can reveal your real identity.

Don’t use your work computer for your own purposes — social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and others that require proof of identity and accounts are a bad option in this case! 

In the process of using it, come up with a cipher and hide even the smallest messages. Yes, it takes a little more time, but the risk will be significantly reduced. 

It’s better not to connect to public Wi-Fi without a VPN — the user never knows for sure whether the network has been intercepted or not. VPN is a universal tool capable of encrypting any message, regardless of the application or messenger from which it was sent. Thus, the process becomes easier, and the work itself is safer for you!


V3 Onion Link (2024)http://*************dehddtsirve72mzs32grtsa7xvrznfgaqadf5jzb5vjhid.onion/
V2 Onion Link (Depreciated)http://8j3ith46td02ar6.onion/
Clearnet linkhttps://cypherlnk.com/

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  1. Took over 20days to arrive, not vendors fault.. rather covid postage delays. Awesome stealth and yet to test product however all look good so far. Vendor is also great with communication. Will be back!

  2. I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been able to find a place where you can shop with ease and peace of mind. We hope that Cypher lives up to your expectations and we are always looking for feedback. Please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance or want to share any suggestions.

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