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The administration of the largest English-language darknet forum, Dread, together with the forum users have created instructions for safe purchasing on darknet markets. It is especially good because it was written by more than one person, and tested by many different experienced users.

The instructions are almost comprehensive, taking into account every step, from setting up a secure OS to organizing mail acceptance and communicating with law enforcement (in case of failure).

What the dnm bible will teach you

The user who has mastered the Bible has a great advantage. The chances of losing money or freedom are reduced at least many times, if not several orders of magnitude. Inexpensive, easy to use and affordable technology makes it possible to participate in forbidden activities from the comfort of one’s own home. But while the technical part is simple, learning it will take at least two days for an inexperienced user. And some aspects of off-line security require careful thought and elaboration. A good rule of thumb is not to do anything even indirectly related to the darknet and anything illegal without having a full understanding of what the consequences might be.

“The Bible doesn’t devote much space or time to describing Tor and explaining how its network works. Since anyone who got to the text of the DNM Bible should already be knowledgeable in this area – the Darknet Market Bible on Tor has its own onion site. On the other hand, the authors of the “bible” paid special attention to the answer to the popular question about sharing VPNs with Tor and set forth arguments why it should not be done.
Of course, it’s also not a good idea to go shopping in the Darknet Market on a bare laptop with only Tor and no specific software. Darknet Market Bible devotes a lot of space in the text to anonymizing operating systems that do not leave traces of the PC owner’s actions in the computer itself – Tails and Whonix. The “bible” explains a lot about installing these operating systems, upgrading and configuring them, and their compatibility or incompatibility with certain devices. Furthermore, the DNMB describes how to install Tails on a standard USB flash drive and how to start the operating system on a flash drive that bypasses the preinstalled operating system on the computer. This process is currently the most standard for overseas users of darknet marketplaces. Reddit and Dread are full of comments about how Tails should be run only from a flash drive, and for those who don’t, they strongly recommend reading the “bible”. There is even a list of USB sticks that are as compatible as possible with Tails.


Aka DNM Bible, aka DNMB, aka “bible” in the darknet space. It is written in English and with a bias towards the application of its provisions in any country of the world, although in fact it is most applicable in the Anglo-Saxon darknet environment and jurisdiction. It is made mainly for the consumer of illegal substances, who wants to get these very substances by placing an order on the darknet market.

Why is the second version version 2? And is there anything newer? Indeed, at the moment there is a lot of discussion on Dread about what could be added to the “bible” or what could be removed from it. But, frankly, the second version has settled precisely in its completeness and structure – it has not revolutionized the first (and already forgotten by everyone) “bible” in any way. Moreover, methodologically, the second version does not differ much from the first, although in terms of the volume of text, the second is much more impressive. They added the comments about some circumstances, described the types of darknet markets, wrote about Monero. If the third version of DNM Bible comes out, it will probably just mention Bitcoin in negative way and advise not to use it. Maybe they will say something about I2P. Or maybe there won’t be a third version at all.

DNMB is designed to work with today’s popular darknet marketplaces such as:

The Darknet Market Bible, true to its name, explains to the reader what “darknet markets” are: who the vendors are, what escrow is, what kinds of darknet markets exist, and how to place orders. Including, by the way, how to be a good customer: the DNM Bible encourages the user to be polite to vendors even during disputes, not to quarrel with anyone on the marketplace site, to treat everyone respectfully, and to leave feedback for vendors after receiving orders from them. “The Bible also gives the reader other important instructions: for example, it lists the signs of an “unclean” vendor who might cheat the buyer. In general, this section of the “bible” contains a lot of different advice (including information security advice) about choosing a darknet market and the vendor on it. Moreover, DNMB teaches the reader to recognize different kinds of fraud on darknet markets through reviews and vendor account. The authors of the DNM Bible also comment on other products on darknet markets, warning the user about losing “crypto” and getting into unnecessary trouble: the reader is explained the pointlessness of buying credit cards and PayPal accounts, since the probability of withdrawing money from such accounts is extremely low – since experienced fraudsters have failed to withdraw funds from these cards and accounts, it is easier for them to sell them to the more naive and less experienced; the reader is explained the danger of buying and using fake banknotes – not only is fake money really hard to use, but law enforcement is working especially hard to crack down on counterfeiting.

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