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Fresh on the dark web, Tor2Door is a virtual marketplace that welcomed its first customer in June 2021. There has never been an interactive and original marketplace like this before. A whole new market keeping customers as the focus has been established from scratch. It is the primary objective of Tor2door to provide both safety and accessibility to its patrons. 

It is a good place to start if you’re unfamiliar with dark web markets. Anyone, even those who have never shopped on the dark web, can participate in this platform. As long as you can see the onion URL in this article, Tor2Door Market should be running properly. Tor2door market consists of hundreds of vendors, choosing a trusted vendor can help with this review.

Tor2Door Market’s Key Features

It is possible to buy and sell anything you desire on Tor2door, a private and secure online marketplace. The company promises that it performs rigorous testing to guarantee that there will be no data breach incidents in the foreseeable future. Two PGP keys can be used to authenticate a user using a two-factor system and encrypted communication using PGP (2FA). The team easily locates security flaws in the website with the assistance of penetration testers. They quickly fix any issues and ensure the market is back to normal in a matter of seconds.

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Monero are extensively supported on Tor2Door. These cryptocurrencies can even be exchanged for other currencies. Due to the market’s in-house wallet, people can stay there for a longer duration and participate. Payments can be made more securely with the assistance of traditional escrows as well as multi-signature escrows. You should start compiling a list of reliable service providers as soon as you can. 

Every customer has a user level and a trust level, which can be helpful in a variety of different contexts. Customers need not be internet savvy to take advantage of this. Trust is increased by positive responses from prior customers. JABBER and XMPP can also be used to send notifications to Tor2 users.

Safety Protocols Implemented by Tor2Door

The Tor2Door team collaborated with security testing professionals to ensure the site’s cyber security from the start. Finding and resolving minor problems only took about half an hour. Administrators have committed to undertake frequent security checks. Two-factor authentication and PGP communication encryption are where Tor2Door shines in the market.

Bitcoin and Monero are the accepted currency options available on Tor2Door. To send money, it has in-house wallets that can be utilized to transact with multiple currencies. When purchasing or selling something, you have the option of making conventional escrow payments or multi-sign escrow. If you have confidence in your suppliers, they’ll help you finish the job faster. 

Both customers and sellers are looking for things that are dependable and useful in some way. The first component can be changed based on customer response, while the second can be changed based on the specifics of the order. JABBER and XMPP are also supported by the market for getting notifications.

Phishers will try to take advantage of Tor2Door’s popularity by establishing bogus links to the site. Before you get into the market, check to see that the URL you are going to access is a secure one.

Tor2Door User Interface 

In terms of design, Tor2Door is smart and modern while being user-friendly. Unlike any other darknet marketplace, this one has a unique design and operating system in place. Darknet markets tend to be out of date and difficult to find. On the other hand, Tor2door is a one-of-a-kind service. You won’t have a problem finding your way around this well-structured marketplace.

Tor2Door registration

The primary page of the darknet market seems to be the same as the one used by traditional exchanges. All of Tor2Door’s market segments can be easily found on the left side of the screen, in a broad menu. The value of Bitcoin and Monero in various currencies will be displayed. The user experience of the app has been rounded out with additional account choices and a panel for placing orders. 

Everything you need to make an order may be found in the order panel, which has a sleek, contemporary appearance. An order panel lets you review recent and past purchases. Everything regarding your account, from how much money you’ve spent to how many transactions there have been, can be found on the statistics page.

Tor2Door’s Overall Design and UX

Aside from being user-friendly, the Tor2Door darknet market is also visually appealing. While Silk Road and other popular darknet marketplaces adhered to a pre-existing design framework, it was not the case here. Tor2Door had to invest a lot of effort and money into coming up with something new and exciting.

Tor2Door Deposit BTC

On the Tor2Door home page, a menu on the left lists all of the available market categories. Bitcoin and Monero exchange rates are also available. In a table, the amounts are also displayed in several currencies. A drop-down menu at the top of the screen provides access to many accounts. Controls for the Order Panel can be found here. The order panel allows you to see all of your previous purchases, as well as the ones you’ve just made. Additionally, each account has a dispute section and a stats page. The dark web is full of structures like these. The Tor2Door team was not content with anything less than the best.

Tor2Door’s No Cost Service

Tor2Door is a no-cost service that provides access to a secure and convenient dark web market. If you’re concerned about its safety, you should know that it’s a brand-new business with a unique design that’s regularly tested.

If you’re looking for an example of a trendy and fresh dark web marketplace, Tor2Door, which opened in June, is an excellent starting point. It’s been getting a lot of positive responses. Seeing how they uniquely accomplish things is very inspiring. System usability and cybersecurity are priorities for the site’s management.

Tor2Door is mostly intended for newbies and enthusiasts interested in learning more about the dark web. It’s a breeze to find what you’re looking for in this market. Aside from the fact that it brings something fresh to the table, it has quickly risen in popularity.

Basic Facts about Tor2Door market

  • Year founded: 2020
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted: Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
  • Total Product/Service listings: 19,500
  • Product Categories: Digital Products,Fraud, Drugs & Chemicals, Counterfeit Items, Jewels & Gold, Services, Software & Hosting, Others
  • Multi-signature escrow? Yes
  • Cost of vendor bond: nonrefundable vendor bond of $500 (0.01648436 BTC / 2.59517818 XMR)

How to access Tor2Door market


The Tor2Door market, like many other darknet marketplaces, has a reputation for frequently changing its domain address. The primary reasons behind this practice are to mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and to maintain anonymity from law enforcement agencies.

DDoS attacks can cripple a website by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources, making it impossible for legitimate users to access the platform. These attacks are not uncommon in the darknet ecosystem, as rival marketplaces or malicious actors may seek to disrupt the operations of competitors. By periodically changing their domain address, Tor2Door can thwart such attacks and maintain smooth operations for its users.

In addition to countering DDoS attacks, changing domain url also helps Tor2Door stay ahead of law enforcement. Operating a darknet marketplace often involves engaging in or facilitating illegal activities, making it a prime target for authorities. By frequently altering the onion domain, Tor2Door’s administrators make it more difficult for law enforcement agencies to track and monitor their activities, thus reducing the risk of being shut down or apprehended. Based on our own experience, tor2door can change its link up to twice a month, you can always find the current url in the table below.

V3 Onion Links (emergency mirrors) (2024)yzrrne3of52ft4wbbmgi3o4c4bshl5aqoeccvukirkw7gadvdyx2pcid.onion

V2 Onion Link (Depreciated)http://3yj9Ih4ro2of7e9m.onion/
Clearnet link tor2doorhttps://t2dofficial.com/
Links for Tor Browser

Tor2door owners and admins

The world of the darknet is shrouded in mystery, and the ownership of certain websites and marketplaces is no exception. One such enigmatic entity is Tor2Door, a popular darknet marketplace frequented by users who value their privacy and anonymity. Despite its widespread use, the identity of the people who own and administer the site remains a closely guarded secret.

While the identities of the individuals behind Tor2Door remain unknown, some traces of their presence can be found on Reddit, particularly in the onion section. This subreddit is dedicated to the exploration of the hidden parts of the internet accessible only through the Tor network, which is known for its anonymity and security features. Discussions in this forum often revolve around the activities, services, and products available on the darknet, with Tor2Door being one of the subjects of interest.

The anonymity of Tor2Door’s owners and administrators is likely a deliberate choice, as operating a darknet marketplace can be an incredibly risky endeavor. The darknet has gained a reputation for hosting a plethora of illegal activities, from drug trafficking to cybercrime. Maintaining anonymity helps protect the individuals behind Tor2Door from potential legal consequences and enables them to continue running the platform without fear of being tracked by law enforcement agencies.

While the true identities of Tor2Door’s owners and administrators may never be revealed, their influence on the darknet community is undeniable. As long as the demand for anonymous online marketplaces continues to exist, Tor2Door and similar platforms will remain relevant and sought-after. For now, all we know is that these elusive figures operate in the shadows, leaving traces of their presence on online forums like Reddit’s onion section.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

This is a comprehensive user guide for effective and efficient market navigation. We wrote this tor2door guide after we experienced it in practice.

Where to Acquire Verified Market Mirrors

To secure your access to the marketplace, you first need to obtain a verified, non-phishing market mirror. Finding these mirrors can be challenging, especially for newcomers. For acquiring verified market mirrors, your go-to source should be reddit. Here, you can always find a working mirror when others on link aggregators do not load properly. Use this site as your primary resource during DDoS attacks as well. You can also obtain verified links from Dread, the market’s subdread, Recon, darknetfaq.com, kilos, and ahmia.fi. It’s important to always verify your link against the market’s PGP, regardless of where you acquired it.

Accessing the Market

With your verified mirror loaded in your Tor browser, select your preferred language at the bottom of the page. We currently support English, Dutch, and Spanish. If you have an account, log in with your credentials. Otherwise, click on “create account” and be sure to save all necessary account details, including your PIN for withdrawals and order placements and your mnemonic for account recovery.

Inside Tor2door Market

Once logged in, you will see a simple yet elegant homepage with product categories, featured vendors and products, and an extensive and quick search bar where you can search for your favorite vendors and products.

Making a Deposit – BTC/XMR

Before you can purchase any product, you need to have enough balance in your account. To securely make a BTC/XMR deposit into your market wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Hover your cursor over “Wallet” in the top navigation bar.
  2. Select BTC for a Bitcoin deposit or XMR for a Monero deposit. A deposit page with a generated address will appear. Read the warning in red to avoid phishing.
  3. Verify the generated deposit address by clicking “Verify Address” at the bottom of it. You’ll see a signed message with the generated address in it. Always verify this message against the market’s PGP. If there’s an error, exit immediately, get a verified link, and reset your account credentials.
  4. After verifying the address, make a deposit. Your account balance will be credited with the deposited amount once the transaction has at least one network confirmation.

Placing an Order

With enough balance in your account, you can now securely make a purchase. First, find the products you need using the extensive search bar or by browsing product categories. Add the desired products to your cart, even if they’re from different vendors. Review your cart by clicking on “My Cart,” making any necessary changes like updating quantities or deleting items. When satisfied, click “Checkout,” enter your PIN if required, and click “Confirm” to complete your order.

On the order confirmation page, choose a coin (BTC/XMR) for payment. The system will automatically select the coin with a sufficient balance to cover the amount due. If you have enough balance in both BTC and XMR, the system will let you choose one coin for payment. If you don’t have enough balance in either coin, the system will prompt you to add funds. If everything goes well, you’ll see a “success” message. Congratulations, you just completed your first order on the Tor2door market.

Multisignature Payments

To make multisignature escrow purchases, first set up “Multisig” in your Tor2door market profile:

  1. Hover over your avatar in the top-right corner of the homepage.
  2. Select “Edit Profile.”
  3. On the next page, select “BTC Multisig Settings.”
  4. Choose any multisig wallet for this process. In this example, we’ll use the Electrum wallet.
  5. Launch your Electrum standard wallet and choose an address to use for this market (add a label).
  6. Right-click on the address and copy the public key.
  7. Paste the public key into the provided field in your multisig settings on the market.
  8. Copy the corresponding address in Electrum and paste it into the address field in your multisig settings.
  9. Save the changes. Congratulations, you can now make multisig purchases!

Note: Be sure to securely back up the private keys of this address, as you’ll need them to sign finalized and refunded purchases.

Placing a Multi-signature Order

To place a multi-signature order, follow these steps:

  1. Search and select a listing that accepts “Multisig Payment.”
  2. A “Buy With Multisig” button will be displayed alongside the “Add To Cart” button.
  3. Select the “Pay With Multisig” option, enter your shipping information, and confirm the order.
  4. A payment address will be presented to you. Send the exact amount due to the address within six hours; otherwise, the trade will expire.
  5. Once the payment is confirmed, the order will automatically be submitted to the vendor for processing.

Disputing an Order

If the vendor fails to fulfill their end of the bargain, you have the right to dispute the order. Note that we have a 14-day escrow window for physical products and a 48-hour escrow window for digital products. As a buyer, you can extend the escrow time twice, with each extension lasting five days. The escrow extension option becomes available on the ninth day after the order was marked as shipped. To dispute the order, click on the order details and select the dispute button. We generally advise buyers to contact sellers via private messages to try and find common ground before initiating a dispute.

Completing and Finalizing Escrow Orders

When using multisig or traditional escrow, the payment for the product is held by the market or the cryptographic keys of the buyer, market, and seller until the order is fulfilled by the vendor. Buyers should only finalize the purchase after receiving and being satisfied with their order. We encourage buyers to report any vendors who try to get them to finalize the purchase early without explicit Finalize Early Permission.

Feedback & Rating

After receiving your product, you can share your experience by leaving feedback on the completed order page. You can also rate the completed order from 1 to 5 stars, depending on your experience.

The Ultimate Vendor’s Guide

This guide will help you navigate your vending journey on Tor2Door Market. Both established and new vendors looking to join the marketplace are advised to go through this guide.

Tor2door become a vendor form.

Becoming a Vendor on Tor2Door

Before becoming a vendor on Tor2Door market, keep in mind that the following goods and services are strictly prohibited from being advertised and sold here. Violators will be banned without further warning:

  • Prostitution
  • Poison
  • Child pornography
  • Fentanyl
  • Weapons
  • Murder services
  • Terrorism
  • COVID-19 vaccines and related services

To become a vendor on Tor2Door, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the market with your secured mirror obtained from https://darkcatalog.com, dread, recon or hidden wiki and create an account with your established name. If you are new, create an account with a name of your choice.
  2. Go to “SECURITY SETTINGS” in the “EDIT PROFILE” section to enable “2FA” by adding your PGP, as it is mandatory for anyone wishing to become a vendor.
  3. Click on “Become a vendor” at the top navigation bar.
  4. Read the market rules and terms carefully and accept them.
  5. Choose between applying for a bond waiver (for established non-scamming vendors only) or paying a non-refundable vendor bond of $500 via BTC or XMR. Note that vendor bond fees can increase at any time.
  6. After a successful account upgrade, you can start adding your listings to the market and begin selling. Congratulations!

Promoting a Listing on Tor2Door Market

To promote a listing, you can pay for it to be featured on the front page of the market for a desired amount of days. You can also promote your listings by making ad posts in the market’s subdread.

Processing Withdrawals

Withdrawals above a certain threshold are verified and processed manually, typically taking between 30 minutes to 5 hours to complete.

Handling Disputes

We have a robust moderation team handling disputes 24/7. Dispute resolution time depends on the availability of both the buyer and seller involved. Both parties can close the dispute without needing a moderator if they reach an agreement.

Multisignature Operations

To set up and accept multisignature payments,follow these steps using the Electrum wallet:

  1. Download Electrum from https://electrum.org and create a standard wallet.
  2. Choose the address you want to use for this market (add a label for that address, for example, “T2D multisig”).
  3. Right-click on the address to view its details.
  4. Copy the public key of that address and paste it in the public key field in your multisig settings on T2D.
  5. Copy the corresponding address and paste it in the address field here and save changes.

Be sure to keep the private key of this address safe, as you’ll need it to sign transactions.

Signing and Releasing Funds from Multisignature Escrow

There are two ways to release funds from multisignature escrow:

a) Time-Locked Transactions

When multisig orders are marked as shipped, our servers sign time-locked transactions for the vendor. We currently lock these transactions for 109500 minutes (76 days). Vendors are advised to download these transactions and keep them somewhere safe so as to access their funds even if the market is offline. To release funds, add your own signature and broadcast the transaction into the Bitcoin network.

b) How to Sign and Broadcast Transactions from Finalized Orders / Time-Locked Transactions

This can easily be achieved using coinb.in. For additional security and privacy, you may want to download a copy of coinb from GitHub and host it locally, performing the verification and signing offline.

  1. Go to the finalized order detail page.
  2. Copy the partially signed transaction and paste it in coinb.
  3. Verify that the transaction was actually signed by your trading partner and is valid.
  4. Paste the private key of your corresponding public key and click on “Sign”.
  5. Copy the signed output and paste it in the broadcast field in coinb.in, then click the “Broadcast” button.

That’s it! Your funds should now be in your wallet.

Maintaining Good Communication with Buyers

Good communication is essential for a successful vendor-buyer relationship. Always respond to buyers’ messages promptly and professionally. Address their concerns and provide updates on their orders when necessary.

Handling Returns and Refunds

Establish a clear return and refund policy for your products or services. This helps set expectations and minimizes disputes. Be fair and reasonable when handling return and refund requests from buyers.

Building a Good Reputation

A good reputation is crucial for success on the Tor2Door market. Here are some tips for building and maintaining a positive reputation:

  • Offer high-quality products and services.
  • Provide accurate and detailed descriptions of your listings.
  • Ship orders promptly and securely.
  • Be responsive and professional in your communications with buyers.
  • Honor your return and refund policies.
  • Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive feedback.

Keeping Your Account Secure

To protect your account and funds, follow these security best practices:

  • Enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) using PGP.
  • Use a strong, unique password for your Tor2Door account.
  • Regularly update your password and PGP key.
  • Never share your account credentials with anyone.
  • Always verify the market URL against the market’s PGP before logging in.
  • Be cautious of phishing attempts and suspicious communications.

By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful vendor on the Tor2Door market. Keep striving for excellence in your products, services, and customer relations to ensure long-term success.


It’s difficult to locate a good market these days. The darknet market sector sees a steady stream of new micro markets appearing and then disappearing. Only a small portion of the many markets on the dark web is deserving of respect. Therefore, many companies fail to acquire a solid reputation before they grow or develop in the market. 

Long-term usability and aesthetics were the top priorities when developing Tor2door. In contrast to its counterparts, Tor2Door was specifically developed from scratch, thereby bringing a fresh outlook to the dark web world. It stands out from the vast majority of the other marketplaces that have come before it in terms of its aesthetic appeal. This market is currently more enticing and user-friendly than any other one that is currently available. Despite its current 400 listings, Tor2Door appears to have a lot of room to expand. 

We expect the market to gain traction in the near future due to the high levels of customer interest. Customers have been overwhelmingly pleased with the service they have received. When visiting any darknet market, it is important to make use of reliable links.
Here you can find some screen shots of t2d market.
More info about Tor2Door you can find on DNM Bible.

Video guide

How to access Tor2Door market video guide and link

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  1. Tor2Door account hacked??

    Help if I could get some?

    Did a local order on this market and went to check the next day to see the order process and for some reason its asking me for a Two-Factor Authentication for the first time since I’ve used it. I have 2 accounts & the other one works fine.
    I have tried to decrypt it but nothing seems to be working, my end continues to say the message isn’t vaild.
    Not sure what to do for the next step since I can finalize order if it actually has been sent through…

    Please comment below for some guidance or even another site I can do another PGP of my own to see if that changes anything.

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  3. i have one question again my friends.

    sometimes i take a look on other vendor profiles. on bigger vendors. there are a lot of vendors with 2-3k+ sales and a rating with 5 of 5.

    how its possible to make 3000 customers 100% satisfied?
    also if your product is great, after few times you will get a weird customer who is not satisfied.

    my rating is 4.9 with only 300 sales 🙁

    can somebody explain?

  4. hello all respected guys
    i am new here and buy paypal account from tor2door,
    can someone help me to how can i transfer paypal to btc >
    and also guide me as a student
    i want to use that paypal accounts

  5. A vendors perspective: selling on the DN

    Welcome in wankers and wankets,

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    How to Sell Product in 2022: Industry Explained

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    No matter where you live, you probably have access to it. If you’ve been making yourself happy for a long time, you’ve likely bought from a darknet market vendor, or maybe you still do. The dope industry has come a long way. It evolved from limited suppliers, to a full-blown recreational online-infrastructure with thousands of vendors competing for their slice of the pie. So are we.

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    Opening up a shop is no small feat. However, for those that do open up a darknet market shop, congratulations! You are now a big target.

    To get into this area of selling gear, you will have to jump through some hoops before selling gear to the public:

    Do your research: Be sure you can check every box and have a plan in place before applying for vendor bonds. Your to go to Market is key, and isn’t as easy as filling in a form on a website every ESTABLISHED market (/d/Tor2DoorMarket, /d/Bohemia, /d/TorZonMarket) has a vendor bond you have to pay, which vary from 0 to 1500 USD! Simply getting ready safe can be a dangerous process made easier with the right knowledge. (For more knowledge I kindly refer you to /d/OPSEC)
    Get your operation security safe: always make use of pretty good privacy (PGP) encryption while sending messages on the DN. Make use of TOR browser and virtual private networks (VPN’s). Also read about I2P it’s another format for a darknet.
    Know the rules: Always read on forums what the latest deals are, regarding your operation. Know about payment settings, OPSEC (cannot say it enough), your gear, platforms to market on, etc.
    Marketing and networking: Dread is a good place to advertise for your shop. But you could also feature your listings on the markets themselves.

    The darknet market vendor.

    Prior to the mass upcoming of darknet markets, the only way to sell gear was with direct deals via forums or encryption providers. Nowadays there’s tons of markets where you can offer your product or as it’s called; ‘opening a shop’. While we certainly don’t recommend anyone to break any laws prohibiting the sale of certain substances:p, these are some of the best tips for selling gear anno 2023:

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  6. Hello, my name is Bruce. My email is: [email protected]. I was a buyer on Incognito, my user name there was Buffer Angel and I was a tier 3. I used to buy for a few years on Incognito. I had some favorite vendors there such as Party Girl Inc., Sexman66, URlocalPlug, Psyit, Discover, Canned Goods. I had few issues on that site, just products not arriving before the AF date. Once they announced adding DAI and Eth, I saw vendors writing there was an exit scam. So I went to DarkDread and read they were having an exit scam. I started as a buyer a few years ago with Empire and you know how that went. In looking for a new market, I decided on Nemesis; then saw they were going under also. My wallet was Hero Wallet that only took USD and sent as BTC. When XMR became necessary, I had a really hard time finding a wallet and exchange. I still have around $160 stuck on LocalMonero. I had issues with Hero Wallet and panicked and just sent my BTC to Tor2Door. I have not registered there nor gave my new PGP. I just now verified the deposit but I am starting here to explain it all. I could not go through the recommended referrals because as I tried contacting them, I was not getting answered, so I just sent 0.0105 BTC to Tor2Door. I would like to register there and make a donation as well as exchange the BTC to XMR.

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