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Status – OK, Working 16 July 2024
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Delivery Germany, Worldwide, UK, EU.

In May 2020, Archetyp Market, a darknet market for XMR-only transactions, burst onto the scene. As far as darknet marketplaces go, it isn’t very big. This account wallet and escrow service does not support multisignature or direct payment. 

Archetyp enter captacha

So why use this place? Why is it popular? Well, it’s popular because all you get here are drugs. And it isn’t difficult to find your way around once you’re in it, either! The night mode and overall clean UI of the website appeal to anyone who crosses the market’s threshold.

What’s more, this market brings you entertainment! If you’re a betting man, then Archetyp market has something for you! In addition to market wagers, people can bet on political and social events. 

Additionally, the deadpool’s features allow for wagers on the outcome of the market (bust, fraud, or retire). There are many European, American, and Australian-based businesses, despite the fact that many of their English words have been misspelled. Archetyp is the first market to have started this trend.

Archetype market registration

What Kind of Drugs Can You Buy?

Euphoria-inducing compounds such as Ecstacy and MDMA, for example, can be found in the catalog of Archetyp. There are more than 230 ads in this category, making it the most popular. Each topic is broken down into multiple subcategories, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Archetyp’s “Quantity Sort” function allows customers to find the lowest possible price per gram, ounce, or other units of measurement in addition to the usual filtering and sorting choices.

Creating an Account at Archetyp Market

Archetyp’s sign-up process is straightforward. When you’re done entering the captcha, click “Create Account.” Start the signup by clicking on it. After that, you’ll need to create an account.

For the next step, click the bottom-screen cut circle (the captcha). You will now be redirected to the home page of Archetyp. Set up your PGP public key before making any market orders now that you’ve arrived.

Go to the “Settings” tab to configure your PGP public key. The words “Visit settings” appear in a light blue banner at the top of the screen. By pressing the Logout button next to the power off button, you can easily log out of your computer. To find the PGP public key, go to the Preferences page and look for it under the PGP section.

What Payment Options Are There?

Though the market deals predominantly in Monero (XMR).

Converting non-XMR deposits into XMR will reduce the costs of cross-blockchain transfers (which are minimal). Use Monero if you can, as XMR deposits are completely free. Within 30 minutes of the Monero network approving the transaction, your XMR currency will be available for usage.

Prices are displayed in Euros by default, which implies that the market is likely located in Germany, given both English and German are available on the website. Note that this is a guess. A considerable number of local providers appear to be supported by the service, making it a viable option if you live in Western Europe.

Archetyp deposit monero

It is necessary to fund your account wallets before you can place an order. It’s because escrow is the only acceptable method of payment in the market. PGP is required to secure your purchase information, even though the ordering and payment processes are easy. Archetyp welcomes client feedback, as can be seen from a quick look at their website.

What To Watch Out For

Conventional digital product listings won’t fill up Archetyp’s categories because it only sells drugs. Filtering and organizing advertising is a cinch because of the marketplace’s user-friendly layout. At the time of this writing, Archetyp is one of the smaller darknet marketplaces, with more than a thousand entries.

Several categories have little or no submissions as a result of the small number of vendors. There are a lot of subcategories for certain well-known categories (cannabis, for example). Hash, for example, has 126 entries, whilst Buds & Flowers has a total of 200 entries. As a result of using the left-hand side filter options, you may be able to find what you need. This will continue as long as Archetyp continues to supply new vendors in sufficient numbers.

Making a Transaction

Archetyp’s purchase process is simple, and there are no extras like “Direct Pay,” multisig BTC, or other escrow choices.

As a result, the Finalize Early approach is no longer needed because order payments are now processed automatically within 7-14 business days. You should keep your order open if it takes more than 7-14 days to arrive. All vendors are supposed to execute orders within seven days; however, this isn’t always the case.

After you find something worth buying and click on the “Buy” button on its listing page, then encrypt the data before you can sign off on the purchase. Go to the next screen by entering the quantity of product you need.

Use the PGP key of the vendor to encrypt your shipping data. There is a link that says “PGP key for (Vendor’s name)” just below the text input box. The seller’s PGP key can be imported by clicking this link (using the Certificate Import feature). Using the vendor’s key, encrypt your shipping information and paste it into the appropriate text field. Shipment data should always be encrypted. If you don’t do it, you stand the risk of getting scammed.

Auto-completed orders should be alerted to the market if you don’t receive an order during finalization time; otherwise, you should get in touch with the seller to resolve it. If a dispute arises that necessitates additional time to resolve on the darknet, give suppliers the benefit of the doubt because they recognize the importance of reputation. 

In a nutshell, patience is a virtue.

What Are the Traders Like?

The standard market traders can be found in all of the major markets in other countries. The United States of America, Canada, and Australia are three examples of these countries (among others). 355 companies and 27,569 clients are currently using Archetyp. Despite being one of the smaller markets, it appears to be rising quickly. This is also attributable to the administration’s ongoing expansion.

Archetyp benefited from the sudden shutdown of a number of significant markets. However, the response has been divided. As a result, the site has seen an increase in distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. Website load times have slowed as a result, and outages have increased. Other prospective rising markets have raised concern about a lack of funding for more advanced solutions, despite Archetyp’s efforts.

Basic Facts about Archetyp market

  • Year founded: 2021
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted: Only Monero (XMR)
  • Total Product/Service listings: 3000
  • Listing Categories: Fraud, Drugs & Chemicals, Others
  • Multi-signature escrow? ?
  • Finalize Early? Yes
  • Cost of vendor bond: $500 (waived for established vendors)


V3 Onion Links (2024)http://arche44al6kimgx3exey2wski5ngsqhoouqj5tpp6yqoe6ozpmiccaqd.onion/
V2 Onion Link (Depreciated)http://2arch44rz2oa2a52.onion/
Clearnet linkhttps://rearchetyp.com/
Links for Tor Browser

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Archetyp Market


The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for the Archetyp Market offers crucial information for buyers to safely and efficiently navigate the marketplace. This guide covers essential topics such as accessing verified mirrors, creating an account, and making transactions using XMR.

Accessing Verified Market Mirrors

To access Archetyp Market, it’s crucial to obtain a verified non-phishing mirror. You can find the latest working mirrors on sites like darkcatalog.com or Hidden wiki(darknetfaq.com). Remember to always verify the mirror against the market’s PGP key to ensure that you are accessing the correct site.

Creating an Account on Archetyp Market

  1. Navigate to the verified Archetyp Market mirror.
  2. Click on “Register” to create a new account.
  3. Choose a unique username and a strong password.
  4. Enter a valid, non-temporary email address.
  5. Complete the registration process by following the on-screen instructions.

Depositing XMR to Your Archetyp Market Wallet

Archetyp Market exclusively uses Monero (XMR) for transactions. To deposit XMR into your wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Archetyp Market account.
  2. Click on “Wallet” in the top navigation bar.
  3. Copy the XMR deposit address provided.
  4. Send the desired amount of XMR to the provided address from your personal Monero wallet.
  5. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed, and your balance will be updated on Archetyp Market.

Placing an Order on Archetyp Market

  1. Browse the available product categories or use the search bar to find specific items.
  2. Select a product and click “Add to Cart.”
  3. When you have added all desired items to your cart, click “Checkout.”
  4. Review your order summary and make any necessary changes.
  5. Enter your shipping information and click “Place Order.”
  6. Send the required amount of XMR to the payment address provided.
  7. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed, and your order will be processed.

Leaving Feedback and Rating

After you have received your order, you can leave feedback and rate the vendor to help future buyers make informed decisions. To leave feedback and rate a vendor, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Archetyp Market account.
  2. Click on “Orders” in the top navigation bar.
  3. Locate the completed order for which you want to leave feedback.
  4. Click on “Leave Feedback” or “Rate Vendor” next to the order.
  5. Provide an honest rating and write a detailed review describing your experience with the vendor and the product.
  6. Click “Submit” to save your feedback and rating.

Disputes and Resolution

In the event of a dispute or issue with your order, follow these steps to seek resolution:

  1. Contact the vendor directly and discuss the issue.
  2. If the vendor is unable to resolve the issue, open a dispute by clicking “Open Dispute” next to the order in the “Orders” section.
  3. Provide details about the issue and any supporting evidence.
  4. Wait for a moderator to review the dispute and provide a resolution.

It’s important to maintain open communication with the vendor and attempt to resolve the issue before escalating it to a dispute. Most vendors will be willing to work with you to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for the Archetyp Market equips you with the necessary knowledge to safely and effectively navigate the marketplace. Remember to always use verified mirrors, protect your privacy, and practice good security habits. Happy shopping!


Archetyp appears to be a well-designed darknet marketplace that prioritizes user experience.. Improvements can be made to the wallet structure and there is always room for more payment options, but those are mere nitpicks rather than huge criticisms. However, unlike other darknet markets, Archetyp makes canceling a user account a simple affair. In order to achieve long-term market success, Archetyp goes above and beyond to ensure that every user experience is a success.

As a user, you will be able to find whatever you need from the market as long you exercise caution.

Archetyp market video guide

How to access Archetyp market video and url

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  1. Well, it really can only be a 5 star rating in the stealth dept. bc when I received it, the envelope had a rip st the bottom but the side had been purposely cut open looked like with a letter opener. I’m assuming one of the custom points but it held up to that scrutiny bc they still couldn’t find me flesh of the Gods! I would expect ur order to be powderized already for you and ready to capsulate! Excellent variety btw nice blend goes very well together together think you kind sir.

  2. I have recently made an order like I do on other markets and I have never been given any tracking information but when I was scrolling through a post, I saw that people were getting tracking details from their vendors so are they meant to be giving you one after an order?

    Usually its only the system of ordered, finalized and shipped until I read about someone getting tracking details on here.

    1. This isn’t Amazon. Tracking should only be provided in extreme cases. Like if the pack doesn’t show. Or if the pack is sent General Delivery, to a hotel or for a dispute.
      LE uses tracking to try to discover Vendors and Mods through the IP address when tracking is checked at the USPS Web site. If you don’t know what your doing simply checking your tracking, could lead to trouble. Tracking could upset OPSEC.

    2. Hi, i seen somewhere that sometimes you don’t get the tracking number until there is a problem with the delivery time. Like if the maximum delivery time to your country is 14 days then you should be able to get the tracking number at these 14 days so you can see the package been shipped etc. I could be wrong as i’m new to this but i think i seen this in a forum, you can sometimes get the tracking number as soon as the order is shipped but it’s seem to mostly happen when the vendor trust his customer. If the package get seized or something and you checked where your package was without taking precaution, they could get your IP etc and it could be bad for the vendor. Correct me please if i said sh*t as i’m not 100% sure but anyway i hope i was able to help you 😀

  3. UK Vendor FlawlessBuds Special prices and quick delivery!!!
    All strains are grown by myself. This is my hobby and i have decided to share this with you guys. Each strain is grown from the seed/clone to properly dried and cured buds. They also are properly flushed.

  4. When is seller XXXXTentacion coming back?
    I wanna buy some fake notes but can’t since he’s on “vacation”. So when is he coming back?

  5. Deutschland ist ein attraktiver Markt für Darknet-Märkte. Die Beliebtheit dieser Plattformen wächst, da sie eine einfache Möglichkeit bieten, verschiedene Waren zu beziehen, die oft von der öffentlichen Hand nicht angeboten werden. Es gibt viele verschiedene Darknet-Märkte, die Waren wie Drogen, Waffen und sogar gestohlene Kreditkartendaten anbieten. Allerdings sind viele dieser Plattformen nicht legal.
    Es gibt jedoch auch einige Darknet-Märkte, die legal sind und sich auf legale Waren konzentrieren. Zum Beispiel bieten einige Märkte anonymes Hosting und Anonymitätsdienste an. Andere Märkte konzentrieren sich auf die Verkaufsnachfr

  6. Need Credit card drop asap.

    I need a Credit Card Drop Male fullz and good credit limit. Full access, Physical card send to given address or with virtual card details. Payment must be done on site and with escrow. Pm if you can get this order done.

    1. It is illegal to buy or sell CVV dumps, and is punishable by law. We advise you to stay away from any websites that offer these services.

  7. Hello
    Its stands thath a need to “referrel (ooptional)”,
    I cant get thrue thath.
    I dont now whath write?
    I look at your video and you hade only pick the right ring.

  8. I was wondering if we have to funnel the XMR through a separate wallet before depositing it to our Archetyp addresses, or wondering if it’s okay to just deposit directly. I don’t know if exchanges know we’re sending monero to the darkweb once they find the destination address is like “46YJuaz….” and flag us. I don’t want the eff bee eye showing up at my door

    1. i think the best way is not to directly send it to Archertype, because some of these sites have to safe exchanges and the XMR adress doesnt change at the most markets, so on Archertyp.
      Just do the following: Setup a wallet on https://wallet.mymonero.com , there you dont have to do any verfication or something like this, just write down your password and, the most important part – the memorics if the online wallet is not aviable, you can use your wallet with Monero client.

      Then you do an XMR exchange and the XMR target adress will be a legal XMR wallet on mymonero. From there you will send the XMR to Archetype. Of course it tooks 20.30 min longer but law enforcement can maybe see the exchange to you mymonero adress, which is 100% lega, but they can not see wehere the money is going from your mymonero wallet. Thats how i do it. Also like it that you can use the online wallet with Tor connected.

      I always do the exchanges via VPN, because my favorite exchange sites blocks Tor connections and i dont want to see my provider watching that i use exchange sites.

      The best way to get XMR is, buy LTC from any legal kryptoplatform and convert it into XMR. LTC has very low transaction cost, instead of BTC etc.

      Also i recommend you to use Whoenix for accessing your XMR wallet on wallet.mymonero.com, because you need javascript and Whoenix is great, even if there are any ip leaks, the Whoenix Workstation is nearly “immun” against ip leaks. In general i can recommend to always use whoenix if you are on darknet markets, the best example is hansamarket where Law Enforcement build up IP leak skripts.

      To exchange i would recommend to do this via Whoenix if your eschange sites alows Tor connections, mine doesnt so i use a Windows VM with VPN Client to access the my favorite exchange site, where i never got scammed with more than 200 transacations now.




      I hink Whoenix is much better than Tails because you can use your normal computer for normal activites, and start the Whoenix VM bundle for all tor activities.
      Of course if you dont use a vpn on your system your provider can see that u use tor, but this it not illegaly, me personally does not have a problem that my provider sees tor Connections from Whoenix and my encrypted smartphone, which uses orbot to send data from apps like WickrMe, Telegram with fake number and a Browser connected through Tor.
      I recommened to use one of your old smartphones, dont use a google account there so there is no sync to google and there you use all apps you need for watching your xmr wallet with Tor Browser or orbot connected browser on mymonero wallet online, using messenger services with more anonymity. I use one of my old Samsung S Smartphones where you where able to change the battery.

  9. Hey I just signed up but I am experiencing a serious issue with the site. I am unable to change any settings specifically I am unable to add a Private key or enable 2FA.

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