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Are you looking for a website where you could purchase prescription-free drugs easily, safely and at a reasonable price? Then, turn your eye to Colombia Connection. Even though it’s relatively young, it has built a positive reputation for itself. Its audience and product listings keep continuously expanding. In this overview, we’ll share informative facts about this dark web platform and our impartial opinion about it.

What Is Columbia Connection Market?

This darknet market was established in August 2021. Its founder has been making business in the dark web for over a decade. They have sold digital and physical goods on over 20 platforms. Then, they realized they had accumulated enough experience to launch their own marketplace.

Today, Colombia Connection can boast over 70 vendors, over 570 listings and over 5100 customers. You’ll notice these statistics in the right part of the website’s footer as soon as you open it. In the left part of the footer, you’ll discover the names of reputable dark web resources that Colombia Connection is listed on, the canary of this marketplace, its mirrors and the PGP key.

You won’t be able to do anything else without signing up. In the registration form, you’ll need to indicate your:

  • Login
  • Password
  • Pin
  • Referral code (optionally)

Solve a captcha to complete the registration. The system will generate a 24-word mnemonic key for you that you might need in the future to restore your account (so make sure to keep it in a safe place).

After that, you won’t be logged in to the marketplace automatically. Instead, be ready to type in manually your login and password as well as solve one more captcha.

Colombia Connection specializes in drugs and some other kinds of illegal goods — we’ll focus on them in detail in one of the next passages. Here, we’d like to list the items and services that you would fail to find on this platform:

  • Fentanyl
  • Toxic or lethal substances
  • Poisons
  • Offers to torture or kill someone
  • Terrorism-related offers
  • Weapons
  • Doxxing

When you’ll be signing up for this platform, you’ll be required to read its rules. If you don’t agree with some conditions, you’ll be advised to leave this web resource. Colombia Connection will ask you to enable 2FA, set up your public PGP key and set up your external crypto wallet. The site will inform you that you can check the canary to make sure the marketplace wasn’t hacked and remains under the control of its genuine administration.

You’ll be invited to subscribe to Dread Channel to stay aware of the project’s news through a third-party means of communication.

Colombia Connection Market vs Other Darknet Markets

The first thing that differentiates Colombia Connection from other markets is its mission. Its founder proclaims that every person has the right to hallucinate and have free access to information. They openly express their disdain for scammers and swindlers. Time will show whether Colombia Connection will genuinely live up to its noble concept.

The listings of this marketplace aren’t too extensive yet. Many subcategories feature little or no products. Probably, it’s a temporary issue.

Alternatives to Columbia Connection Market

If you fail to find what you need for Colombia Connection, consider visiting Archetyp, Darkfox or Nemesis. In fact, many trading platforms can substitute this one.

Design and Interface

Unlike many other markets, Colombia Connection has a white background and not a dark one. Its interface slightly resembles that of a media project. At the top of the page, there is a large colorful banner with portraits of prominent figures of the drug trading industry.

After you sign up, your profile info will be displayed under the banner, in the left part. You’ll discover the following details there:

  • Your nickname
  • Whether you’re a vendor
  • Whether you’ve added a PGP and enabled 2FA
  • The date when you joined the platform
  • The time moment when you were last active

Close to your profile, you’ll discover the current exchange rate of BTC and XMR. Below, there will be a bright reminder about the security measures.

If you start scrolling down the main page of this marketplace, you’ll see those product offers first that are labeled as Sponsored Ads. Below, there will be Featured Ads. When you open a specific category of the catalog, there might be no ads.

Above the footer, you’ll see the list of products that customers most recently ordered.

How to Access Colombia Connection

This marketplace is available only through the TOR browser. You can install it for free on your computer or smartphone. TOR ensures the maximum confidentiality of all its users. Third parties will never get to know who you are or where you’re from.

Just as any other darkweb market, Colombia Connection can be accessed only with the help of an onion address. It won’t work in any other browser except TOR. Onion addresses are changed frequently. Make sure to obtain the most recent one — and if it’s not available, be ready to use mirrors.

When you try to open the Colombia Connection website, it will ask you to prove that you’re a human and not a robot. You’ll see an analog clock with a bit weird design. Below, you’ll be required to indicate with numbers the time that the hands of the clock show.

At the next stage, the site will inform you about the necessity to turn off JavaScript for security reasons. You’ll discover a concise step-by-step instruction on how to do it.

All these measures guarantee that no one ever will find out that you used the services of Colombia Connection.

Colombia Connection login url

Columbia Connection URLS

V3 Onion Link (2024)http://colombztcexs53gv3mqyioruwe22k7yqeocxab2ifri3yygrrn6zveqd.onion/
V2 Onion Link (Depreciated)http://5ygh3x4tu6od8ar5.onion
Clearnet link Colombia Connection marketmissing
Urls for Tor Browser

Key Facts About Colombia Connection

This marketplace operates on a global level. When you open the list of the available shipping locations in the filters, you’ll discover countries from all the continents there. However, each vendor has the right to cater only to those locations that they feel comfortable with.

The product catalog of Colombia Connection features the following categories:

  • Cocaine (over 20)
  • Other Drugs (over 260)
  • Digital Goods (over 60)
  • Counterfeit (over 20)
  • Fraud (over 40)
  • Services (over 40)

The Other Drugs category includes steroids, tobacco, opiates, marihuana and hash, weight loss, accessories and paraphernalia, benzos, anesthetics, dissociatives, ecstasy, stimulants, psychedelics and prescription drugs.

After clicking the Digital Goods button, you’ll be able to select from these subcategories: streaming services, porn accounts, hacking and cracking, e-books and tutorials, communications, software and malware, accounts, VPN and socks.

The Counterfeit group offers money, IDs, accessories, jewelry, electronics and clothing.

In the Fraud category, CVV-CC and fullz, carding, docs and personal info are sold.

The Services include social media, RDP, hosting and domains.

Please be ready for the fact that some lesser-popular subcategories might contain no products when you check them.

In the upper part of the product catalog, you’ll be able to choose whether to see the items in the grid or list format.

The filters that help you find the offers with the desired characteristics are located to the left of the product cards. Feel free to sort the items by these parameters:

  • Keyword
  • Type
  • Price (minimum and maximum)
  • Location from where the package will be shipped
  • Destination
  • Minimum vendor level
  • Order (by price from low to high or vice versa)

Each product card preview features the following details:

  • Name of the product
  • Its purity level
  • Product category
  • Blue label that informs the client about the fact that it will be an escrow transaction (optionally)
  • 5-star rating
  • Price
  • Vendor’s name
  • Vendor’s level
  • Amount sold
  • Amount in stock
  • Delivery method
  • From where the product can be shipped
  • Available delivery destinations

To open the full product card, click View Offer.

Colombia Connection accepts only two cryptocurrencies: BTC, which is the most widespread one, and XMR, which guarantees maximum anonymity. To finalize a transaction, the former network requires 2 confirmations while the latter requires 10. If you prefer BTC, the administration encourages you to use a reliable mixer, such as Xchange, Elude or Kilos.

Please deposit only those funds on your Colombia Connection wallet that you’re planning to spend on the marketplace immediately. Avoid using your marketplace balance as the wallet to store your crypto savings.

The fees that this platform charges are rather reasonable: 0.5% for hot-wallet withdrawals and $1 for hot-wallet income.

The rules of this marketplace state that the darknet vendor fee is $300. However, this number might fluctuate. For instance, after you sign in, you may see a green horizontal field under the area with the news and exchange rates — and it will say that the vendor fee is only $220.

To become eligible for the free bond, it’s necessary to tick these boxes:

  • Use the same PGP key as on the accounts that you apply for this privilege
  • In case all your accounts are inactive, DarkNet Trust or Recon should be able to verify your PGP key
  • Turn on 2-Factor Authentication
  • Provide your exhaustive and verifiable market history
  • Have 95%+ positive feedback ratio
  • Have 100+ positive successful transactions (they may come from one market or three markets combined)

Only signed applications are submitted. The marketplace administration has the right to deny your request without providing any explanations.

Whenever you want to discuss something with the team behind Colombia Connection or report an issue, click the Support button in the upper-left part of the web page, close to the market’s logo. You’ll be redirected to the page where you can create a ticket. It’s enough to indicate the title of your message and type in your query. The page can show you the public PGP key. All the tickets that you have ever created will be stored on that page in a well-structured format.

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