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Darknet is an amazing place where you can buy anything you want. We discovered the Retro Market while searching the dark web for fascinating items and various medications to buy without prescriptions. Now, let us tell you more about Retro Market and why it is considered to be one of the most unique shops on the entire darknet.

However, bear in mind that this review is just meant to provide you with a general understanding of the market; we are not forcing you to take any action, and we are not liable for your subsequent choices.

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What Is Retro Market?

Retro Market, first launched in June of 2021, is a young place on the dark web where anyone can buy and sell such items as drugs, fake documents, digital products, and any other curious things. Retro Market is not that famous in comparison to other shops like Hydra or WeTheNorth. Anyway, it has its own audience that is satisfied with the market’s service and products.

To buy from here, all you need is a Tor browser and the onion link. An onion link is not hard to find since there is a lot of information about Retro Market on specialized forums.

The only payment method that works here is XMR, which is also known as Monero. It means that you can’t pay for your products using other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Also, since it is the dark web, where anonymity is a priority, you can’t pay with bank cards or e-wallets. So if you are interested in Retro Market, buy Monero crypto for your wallet in advance.

If you’re looking for a place where you can sell your products as a vendor, Retro Market has one of the lowest fees. Here it is about 3–5%. Anyway, the vendor bond is quite big and is 300$. Other markets on the dark web ask for much lower bonds for vendors.

What Can I Buy Here?

Since there are various vendors, the list of products available depends on their offers. But in common, here at Retro Market, you can buy:

  • Drugs. Here, you can find Xanax or Prozac to heal your depression or crack cocaine just for pleasure. Benzos, opioids, analgesics, and steroids also may be bought. And that’s all without a doctor’s prescription!
  • Weed. Marijuana of any strain you want is the most popular product here.
  • Credit Card Information. Feel free to buy debit or credit card numbers. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are always available here.
  • Fake documents. ID cards, driver’s licenses, or Indian passports, for instance.
  • Counterfeit. Maybe you want a real gold bar. Or a stack of 5,000 dollars—why not? Here at Retro Market, you may always find curiosities.

Shortly speaking, on the dark web, you can buy everything you want. There are literally thousands of categories, so it is impossible to describe them all in just a couple of sentences. Just go to Retro Market’s website and see it for yourself.

To place an order, you should use a shopping cart and then pay for the chosen products using your Monero wallet. When the crypto is delivered to the vendor’s account, your order will start to process. You can always track your order using your personal account right on Retro Market’s page.

Retro Market Rules

Rules are the main piece of information that you must read before you start shopping on Retro Market. The rules are equal for both vendors and buyers. If you decide to cross the line, be sure that your account will be blocked soon. Well, here are the most common rules you should not ignore:

  • Be nice to others. If everyone would be nice and kind, Retro Market would be a non-toxic place. Do not use swear words; be friendly.
  • Don’t talk about you much. You wanted a Xanax; you got a Xanax, and that’s all. Even though it is the dark web, don’t spread personal information like your name or your grandma’s birthday. Do not ask for Instagram or Snapchat, and use only Retro Market’s platform as a way to communicate with other users.
  • Don’t fool users. Many people like to register here as vendors and scam buyers. Well, we advise you not to do that since Retro Market will quickly react to the fact that you are scamming.
  • Don’t sell forbidden items. There is a list of items that are prohibited from being bought and sold on Retro Market. Read below to find out what exactly we are talking about.

What Is Forbidden Here?

Don’t think that Retro Market is immoral just because it is on the dark web. Yes, this kind of web is called dark for a reason, but most shops on it, such as Retro Market, do not sell items that are unacceptable from an ethical point of view.

  • Child porn. We had to mention this. Anyway, we believe that is not the reason you want to place an order on Retro Market. But feel free to buy other kinds of porn.
  • Contract killings. Please, it is not the way to solve the problem between you and the person you wish to be dead. Fortunately, Retro Market does not offer a service like this.
  • Weapons. You can’t buy guns, bombs, dynamite, and other things that may harm people in a very tragic way.

There is a very simple way to find out which item is forbidden or not. If a product is available for purchase, then it is not prohibited. Before uploading to the market, the vendor’s offer is going through a moderation stage. Feel free to buy drugs and stolen data; it’s always available here at Retro Market.

Retro Market vs. Other Darknet Markets

In comparison to other darknet markets, it is impossible to think that Retro Market is perfect. It is a quite young shop that doesn’t support Bitcoin, which is critical for some darknet users. Moreover, vendor bond rates here are much higher than in average markets. Anyway, it has a pleasant design, and the interface is very simple to use.

Retro Market Reviews

Retro Market is not that popular in comparison to other markets, so it has received few reviews. All of them say that Retro Market is quite a good place where you can buy drugs. Anyway, many vendors here are real scammers, so you should always be careful while placing an order. It is preferable to buy only from those who have worked here for a long time and have plenty of good reviews. New vendors without a sales history should be avoided.

Retro Market Alternatives

Retro Market is not a unique darknet market, so it has many alternatives. If this place is not for you, we advise you to visit WeTheNorth, Hydra, ASAP Market, and Nemesis. These are the perfect places where you can buy any drug or leaked data and not worry about being scammed.

Retro Market’s Design and Interface

The design of Retro Market is very simple. There, you can find products by using categories or just by searching for them using the bar. The interface looks pretty average; there is nothing extraordinary. The main thing is that everything works fast and how it should. There are no issues while exploring Retro Market, and that’s awesome. Moreover, as the developers say about their project, the Retro Market was developed using “simple layouts to be easy to use for everyone.”

How do I get access to Retro Market?

You need a special browser and an onion link. These types of links (sitename.onion) are not supported by Safari or Chrome, so you should use the Tor Browser or any other browser that can connect you to the dark net.

To go to Retro Market, just use this link: rhttp://retromyqezufyuoutzrmvfg4abt3hylcnk5f44wsx7v4jwwescxw6zqd.onion/

If you can’t get access to this market, make sure that everything is okay with your Tor browser or an onion link. Check your VPN; try using bridges or proxies.

Retro market benefits

We think that there is nothing wrong with Retro Market, so it is worth buying from here. Here are the reasons why you should do it:

  • Good service. Retro Market’s team really cares about both vendors and buyers. It offers low commissions and always moderates content, so everyone here could feel comfortable.
  • Big variety of products. Drugs, leaks, weed, and other interesting things are always available here. It has more than thousands of listings, so you can find the one you need.
  • Fast shipping. If you decided to buy something from here, the delivery would be very fast.
  • Safety. Buying here at Retro Market is strictly anonymous. Also, it has PGP encryption, 2FA login, and escrow.

Retro Market Disadvantages

Let’s talk about Retro Market’s main disadvantages. Here they are:

  • This place accepts only Monero. If you have Bitcoin, you should exchange it for Monero since Bitcoin is not acceptable here.
  • Lack of reviews. It seems like Retro Market’s buyers don’t like to leave feedback.
  • High vendor bond. The vendor bond here is 300 dollars, while other popular markets take much less.

We think that these disadvantages are not really serious. Moreover, many popular shops on the dark web have these disadvantages too. So feel free to buy from here.

Retro market urls

V3 Onion Link (2024)http://retromyqezufyuoutzrmvfg4abt3hylcnk5f44wsx7v4jwwescxw6zqd.onion/
V2 Onion Link (Depreciated)http://9brh544yu4oy4a1t.onion
Clearnet link retro marketmissing
Urls for Tor Browser
Retro darknet market onion links

Retro Market in a Nutshell

Here are some brief facts about the retro market:

  1. Delivery: Worldwide, primarily in the US and Europe
  2. Acceptable crypto: Monero (XMR) only.
  3. Launch year: 2021
  4. Vendor bond: 300 dollars
  5. Commission: 5% for traditional and 4% for multisig escrow.
  6. Withdrawal commission: no

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