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Vice City Market

Status – OK, Working 24 June 2024
Onion URL


Clearnet url: https://vicecity.to/ (Use only if the onion site is under a ddos attack)
Delivery EU, Worldwide, USA

If you suddenly decide to turn to darknet services using the Vice City market, you may end up having a lot of questions about this platform. Let’s take a closer look at the basic information about the market & how to use it.

Vice City Market Design & Usability

As many users say, the main feature of the market is its unique design made from scratch. In general, the portal itself is of high quality and is considered quite client-orientated. However, the main page is a little overloaded with text and pictures — it’s a slight drawback.

Captcha Vice City market, not easy 🙂

On the left side of the main page, users can see a list of product/service categories with the number of active ads. As soon as you hover over the desired item, you will see several subcategories. There is also a search bar, through which customers can find specific products and services. For a more precise search, you can use additional filters, including:

  • Category;
  • Price limits;
  • Terms of delivery and ordering.

Users can sort the results by popularity, price, posting date, and relevance.

What To Know Before Using Vice City?

Before you can use Vice City, you need to do some additional steps. The first one is to install a reliable Tor browser that will allow you to securely connect to most dark web websites. However, your network provider will still be able to see that you are using the Tor browser. To guarantee anonymity and avoid any suspicion, you should additionally use a VPN.

The second step is to study the features of crypto services since the market only accepts Bitcoin payments. What do you need to know?

  1. How to identify a Bitcoin address
  2. The basics for sending coins from one address to another
  3. How to read the blockchain explorer
  4. The most common mistakes when sending crypto payments

So, before you go to the Vice City market and start registering, be sure to ensure anonymity and learn a little more information about crypto payments.

Registration Process

Before entering your personal data on the website, make sure that you’ve followed the official link. At the moment, the only correct and reliable link is ****ti7efwwdcuyutalol56zxczl5enodd3c3b5qh44qkzfjayd.onion. Other links from forums or suspicious resources may simply be URLs of some phishing websites.

So, by clicking on the official link, you’ll see the main screen and login/registration options. Here is a little guide on how to register:

  1. Press the “Register” button.
  2. Enter your Username.
  3. Create a strong password.
  4. Create a PIN.
  5. Enter the captcha (this protection method is relevant for defending the market from DDOS attacks).

Choosing a Totally Anonymous Name

It’s worth talking about the importance of creating a unique name for using the Vice City market. The main recommendation is that your username should not be related to your personal data. Here are some rules to follow:

  • Don’t enter a real name.
  • Don’t enter your real last name.
  • Don’t enter the numbers of your birthday
  • Don’t enter any other names that are somehow related to your online identities.

Exploring the Market

So, if you successfully registered and are 100% sure of the anonymity of the name & the strength of the password, then log in to start exploring the market’s listings and vendors.

Vice City PGP


On the left side of the screen there is a list of categories — click on it to see the subcategories and select the desired product. By choosing the element, you will see some additional information, such as the price in BTC/USD, the payment type, how many are in stock, where it is sent from, and where it can be delivered. From each page of the listing, you can go to “Reviews” and “Discussion” — here, you can find more important information about the product.


The market offers a small but constantly growing range of sellers. Most of them are based in Europe, especially in the UK. After you’ve found the desired product, you can click on the specified vendor and go to the profile to find out:

  • The total number of sales;
  • What types of payments are accepted;
  • Date of accession;
  • The last time online, etc.

It’s essential to study the supplier’s page in detail before placing an order.

How To Place an Order?

To place an order on the Vice City market, you should:

  1. Select the desired product.
  2. On the item list page, scroll to the bottom, and select PGP Security Issue.
  3. Decode the message to reveal the challenge code.
  4. Enter the code in the text box.
  5. Select the number of units of the item.
  6. Select a delivery type.
  7. Click “Purchase.”

Next, you need just to confirm the amount of payment and enter information about the delivery.

Banking Issues

At first, paying for products on the market may raise questions, but it’s not so difficult. Now, the platform accepts only BTC (anonymity is questionable), but this drawback is offset by the presence of multisig transactions.

Top-Up Options

In general, there are two payment options for products available on the platform: multisig transactions and escrow. If you do not want to keep all the funds in the market, then buying products with multisig transactions is the best option. Note that using this option requires the creation of a Bitcoin wallet with multiple signatures so that the buyer, seller, and market can subsequently confirm the transaction. The second method means that the funds will be kept in the exchange system until the buyer completes the order.

Deposit crypto to your vice city market account

Paying for an Order

After placing an order, you will see a payment window with the amount in BTC, which is required for confirmation, and the address for sending funds. Each client has three hours to confirm the payment via the blockchain. If the transaction is not confirmed, then the order is canceled, and the coins are returned to your account minus the commission.

Order Verification

As soon as the payment is confirmed by the network at least 3 times, the order is confirmed, and the information is immediately transferred to the vendors. They, in turn, prepare the product for shipment and send it to you. Remember that you should not complete the order before you have verified that the product meets your expectations.

Basic Facts about Vice City market

  • Release – May, 2020
  • Product Categories – Digital services, fraud, pharmaceuticals, and drugs (cannabinoids, psychedelics, steroids, stimulants, dissociatives, Ecstacy, opioids
  • Vendors’ Location – Mostly Europe, but also the USA
  • What Tokens Are Accepted – BTC, XMR

How to access Vice City market

  • Download Tor Browser
  • Use onion urls from table for access


V3 Onion Links (2024)http://vice2ekxnt5zen4e2hhw7xfxudcygtrxbnbk4sudk5j57l7u23j4tqad.onion
V2 Onion Link (Depreciated)http://7rvich4ro7of5a12.onion/
Clearnet link wethenorth marketmissing
Vice city market onion urls

How to access Vice city market video

Access to darknet market Vice City video guide

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Vice City is a great platform for buying digital and fraud services, pharmaceuticals, and drugs. The number of sellers is still small, but it has been steadily growing since 2021. The market provides complete anonymity and successfully fights against attacks of various kinds. It is likely that Vice City will become even more popular if its quality of work increases.

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6 thoughts on “Vice City Market

  1. It’s not easy to register to get an account. Maybe I have a problem because I just don’t get it. I’m fucking sick of figuring out these horse figures

  2. having tried to contact though twitter for over 3 days. it tells me Vice city link does not accept messages, over & over,does anyone know how to message this co ?

  3. Can somebody help with the shops in Turkey ?
    I am in Turkey, there are big problems with weed, I need help finding some shops. I will be very grateful for your help.

  4. Impossible d’enregistrer sa clé publique pour le 2FA… Le moteur de recherche refuse celle-ci en indiquant que le texte contient des caractères non reconnus…

    De l’aide, svp ?

  5. anyone try canadago0se’s dope? supposedly SEA straight from the source, sounds a little too good to be true especially bc the listing pic is a drool-inducing image of double lion which we know the actual stuff is not going to come packaged in & vendor isn’t responding to basic questions about the product… would be especially interested to hear from anyone who has actually had real SEA & can compare.

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