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The Versus Project is a relatively new arrival to the dark web scene. However, with the strong emphasis it places on community, the market is quickly growing in popularity. 

The people behind Versus Market are not just interested in making money quickly. Rather, their interest lies in providing market services by and for the dark web community.

The Versus Project in a Nutshell

Versus Market, otherwise known as The Versus Project, was founded in December 2019. Over the past few years, it has so far attracted 1,265 vendors and 115,764 users. Despite its relatively new status, Versus Market has already developed a reputation as a community-driven project that includes its users and vendors in every stage of development.

At the moment, Versus Market offers 12,464 products, which can be purchased through 2/2 or 2/3 multisignature transactions using Bitcoin. It has a vendor bond of €400.

Are Any Items Prohibited on the Versus Project?

A wide variety of items are available for purchase through Versus Market. However, as with any responsible market on the dark web, certain items are prohibited to ensure the safety of its users.

The following items are prohibited from The Versus Project:

  • Pornography and pornographic media
  • Dangerous weaponry (semi-automatic weapons, explosives, knives, etc.)
  • Dangerous substances (harmful gasses and other toxins, poison, diseases)
  • Doxxing, extortion, blackmail, or any crimes of a similar nature
  • Services relating to physical/mental harm, including assassination, harassment, hacking, phishing, and other services
  • Fentanyl, or any products containing it
  • Contact information and outside market offers

Placing Orders Through Versus Market

To place orders through The Versus Project, there are a few steps you’ll have to follow. Read on to find out how to make purchases through the Versus dark web marketplace.

Register With Versus Market

Registering an account with Versus Market is quick and easy. To make your account, you will only need to provide the following:

  • A username: This can be anywhere between 4-24 characters in length and can contain letters and numbers. It cannot contain spaces or special characters.
  • A password: Your password must be 8 characters in length or more.
  • A login phrase: Your login phrase is a personal message you’ll be shown each time you log in so you can be sure you’ve not been phished.

After registering your account with Versus Market, you can log in. You will automatically be taken to the main page, where you’ll find a list of the market’s top vendors.

You’re now ready to browse the site and market purchases.

Choose a Product

The Versus Project places emphasis on being easy to navigate and user-friendly. This means that browsing the site is easy, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. 

On the main page, you can find a list of Versus Market’s top vendors, as well as promoted vendors and recommendations. This is a good place to start if you want to get a sense of what items the market has on offer.

When you enter the market listings, you’re able to filter by category and can also use the search bar if you’re looking for something in particular.

Once you’ve found an item you’re interested in, you can click through to the product page to find out more information. The product page includes price, reviews, and detailed information about the item. From there, you can add the product to your cart.

Make Your Payment

After you’ve selected an item, it’s time to make your purchase. There are a couple of different methods for making purchases through Versus Market:

  • 2/3 multisignature transactions: These transactions take place between the customer, the vendor, and the market. Only two signatures are needed for the payment to be processed. 2/3 multisig transactions are the default transaction method on Versus Market.
  • 2/2 multisignature transactions: These transactions only require two signatories — the vendor and the market. They are faster methods of payment, but can also be riskier than 2/3 multisig transactions.

When you’re ready to buy your items, navigate to the shopping cart and select your preferred payment option. On this page, you will also be asked to provide your address. 

Next, press the checkout button. On the next page, you’ll be asked to input your payment details and confirm your order.

Final Thoughts

Versus Market is a relatively new platform. However, it shows promise and potential for growth thanks to its emphasis on building community. Furthermore, the market’s dedication to security and user-friendliness is bound to draw in new users and vendors alike.


Before signing up for Versus Market, you may have a few concerns or queries about the platform. In this section, we answer some of the more commonly asked questions.

Do I need to deposit funds to make a purchase on Versus Market?

You do not need to deposit funds into your Versus Market account before you can make a purchase. As with any regular online shopping site, you can pay at checkout. Simply send the exact figure listed on your invoice to the provided e-wallet.

Will I get a refund if my order is declined or expired?

With a 2/2 multisig transaction, you will have to wait for the sales vendor to sign off your refund. To avoid this, it’s better to use 2/3 multisig transactions. With this type of transaction, once your order status is updated to “refund ready,” you can go ahead and sign it to release your funds.

The refund will be issued to whatever wallet you specified on your order details or in your account settings. Ensure that these details are accurate and that you can access and control this address. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive your money back.

Are 2/2 multisignature transactions risky?

With a 2/2 multisignature transaction, signatures are needed from only two parties—the market and the vendor. These types of transactions can be either Finalize Early (FE) transactions, where the funds are sent to the vendor once they’re moved the purchase to shipping status; or Fast Pay (FP), where the funds are held in escrow for usually between 3-5 days. 

These methods are faster than 2/3 multisig transactions but are also riskier. If you request a refund but either of the signatories cannot or will not sign it off, you will never be given access to your funds.

Does the Versus Market have open job positions?

The Versus Market occasionally does have job listings available.

Why is my order status unpaid when I’ve paid my invoice?

If you have successfully paid for your purchase but your order status does not reflect this, this is most often because your transaction is still being processed by the Bitcoin network.

How long does it take a vendor to accept and ship an order?

Vendors have up to three days to accept your order. After that, they have up to seven days to ship it, though usually it is moved to the shipped status far sooner.

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