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Sipulitie Market (Onion Road)

Sipulitie Finland

Status – OK, Working 27 May 2024
Onion URL http://sipulifrfvh2zqzvivpubhafag722y4xf54l7fggsvai726ivz3y7gad.onion/
Delivery Finland.

Quick guide to using Sipulitie market

Always check the captcha image for the genuine URL of the market. If your address bar contains a different URL, you’re using a phishing proxy that will steal your XMR and your account.

Onion Road main page

On Onion Road, vendors can choose if they want to accept payments in XMR, BTC or both. Vendors set their product prices in EUR/USD/GBP/SEK fiat currencies and the price gets converted to XMR or BTC with the current XMR or BTC rate as you place an order.

You can enable two factor authentication on the settings page. Input your public PGP key and decrypt the random message the market encrypts for you to verify your PGP key. Only RSA PGP keys are currently accepted. After verifying your PGP key, you can activate two factor authentication. With two factor authentication enabled, Sipulitie market will ask you to decrypt a random message encrypted with your PGP key before granting you access to your account. Onion Road recommends two factor authentication to everyone, but it is mandatory only to vendors.
Onion Road charges vendors a 4% fee for sales. XMR withdrawals have a fee of 1%. The vendor fee is fixed to 150 EUR. The price converted to XMR and BTC gets updated daily.

Quick guide to making orders

To place an order, first add the desired product to the shopping cart. You can add several products from the same seller to the shopping cart and thus pay the shipping costs only once. Give the seller your delivery address in the delivery information section. Onion Road recommends that you encrypt the address yourself with the seller’s public pgp key, but the market also encrypts the information automatically.

If there is enough balance in the market’s wallet, the market will automatically charge the order from there. In the absence of Monero or Bitcoin deposited in advance, the market creates its own Monero or Bitcoin payment address for the order.

Deposit BTC or XMR to Sipulitie Market

You then pay the order directly to the address created for the order or add balance to the market’s wallet, the Monero or Bitcoin deposit will be displayed when it has received two block confirmations. Monero deposits usually takes less than 10 minutes. Bitcoin deposits take on average 20 minutes, if you pay enough transfer fees to Bitcoin miners.

If the seller has not accepted the order, the buyer can cancel it 24 hours after making the order. An order, that has not been accepted by the order, will be automatically canceled after 7 days, similarly an order accepted by the seller will be automatically canceled after 7 days if it is not marked as sent. A shipped order will be automatically marked as received 7 days after it is marked as shipped. This will also release payment to the seller. When the auto-finalization is less than 4 days away, the auto-finalization of the order payment can be postponed by 7 days. Buyers can dispute orders when the order has been marked as sent for 7 days. So the buyer must first delay the auto-finalization at least once.

Please mark the order you received as received right away, so the seller knows it has arrived and the payment for the order gets released to the seller. Please leave a review and feedback on the order, so others will also know how the purchases went and whether the product quality was satisfactory.

The seller and the buyer must try to fix problems with the product and its delivery together. Disputing the order prevents payment from being released to the seller. If no settlement can be found otherwise, the customer service will decide the dispute according to its best judgement.

Escrow on Sipulitie

Escrow means that the marketplace collects the payment for the order in an intermediate account, and releases the payment to the seller only when the buyer marks the order as received. Or when the payment is automatically released (AF) to the vendor because the buyer did not delay the autofinalization. Escrow therefore protects the buyer from possible scams.

AF (auto-finalization) means that the order payment is automatically released to the vendor after a week of buyer’s inactivity. Buyers can delay the auto-finalization. The function is necessary because not all buyers come back to the marketplace to release the payment when they receive their orders. The auto-finalization of the order can be delayed by a week at a time, when there is less than 4 days left before the auto-finalization. The initial time for automatic release is one week after the seller marks the order as shipped. The buyer can dispute the order after delaying the auto-finalization once, and a week has passed since the order was sent.

FE, i.e. finalize early, is a type of an order that does not use escrow. The seller gets the money from the order as soon as the seller marks the order as sent. The right to use FE is granted upon request to vendors who have received a total of at least 1000 positive feedback on all marketplaces in total, and there are not many negative feedback. As escrow does not protect these orders, place an order only if you trust the seller, as these orders cannot be disputed.

Basic Facts about Sipulitie Market

  • Year founded: 2023
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted: Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
  • Total Product/Service listings: 1150
  • Product Categories: Drugs & Chemicals
  • Multi-signature escrow? No
  • Market version: Unknown
  • Cost of vendor bond: EUR 170
  • Nexus Onion Link – http://sipulifrfvh2zqzvivpubhafag722y4xf54l7fggsvai726ivz3y7gad.onion/

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